Secure and private data
center colocation
Whether a complex, customized private cage, or a simple single cabinet – housed within the Suburban data center you’re sure that your critical data would remain private and secure.
SAVE 50%
Discounted from N30000/mo.
Size 1U
SAVE 50%
Discounted from N90000/mo.
Size 1U
High Performing Colocation
Facilities for Critial Data
Entrust your deployment to Suburban's best-in-class standard or custom configurations for data center colocation
. Designed to meet and exceed your security and operating
. Facility access, services and amenities anticipate regular operating
needs whether local or remote, anywhere in the world.
. Customize your cage or cabinet to meet specific techinal, operational,
and security needs
. Maximum Uptime on the Most Suitable Global Platform
. Configure circuits and infrastructure to ensure the highest uptime and
optimized power. Sustainability with 99.999% Uptime.
. Power circuits and power infrastructure to ensure uptime, optimized for
your infrastructure.
. Confidently meet sustainability goals without compromising reliability.
. Leveraging innovative, resilient , efficient, and sustainable data centers
around the clock.
Direct Low Latency
Data center colocation with Suburban is your secure access point into the
most diverse and dynamic ecosystem of leading services, networks,
providers and partners.
. Private demarcation ensures full control of your interconnections while
ensuring deployment security.
. Access to Suburban’s full portfolio of interconnection and digital
infrastructure services integrated with your digital nfrastructure.
. Reach beyond the boundaries of our carrier-neutral facilities and
access the broader Suburban ecosystem of partners and providers in a
matter of minutes.
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